Ghost Vector is an upcoming sci-fi adventure designed from the ground up to be an amazing VR experience.

In Ghost Vector you are the sole survivor of a large starship, disabled and heavily damaged. You must find ways to repair, upgrade, and defend your ship from increasing enemy attacks as you traverse hostile sectors of the galaxy in an attempt to regroup with the fleet.

The ship is equipped with autonomous maintenance drones and you'll find much needed resources through mining and salvage operations. You direct the ship's systems and drones through the "Holographic Command Console" or HCC. The HCC is located on the bridge and provides Navigation, Engineering, and Tactical interfaces. The ship's damaged but sporadically functioning A.I. will respond to available voice commands and provide verbal updates on the ship's status.

More screenshots and videos coming soon. We look forward to your ideas and feedback as the game evolves; join in discussion on the forums and follow us on twitter to be notified of the alpha release. Stay tuned!